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Amanda Taylor

Amanda Taylor, owner of BodyMind Design, brings over twenty years of experience as a fitness and movement practitioner earning applicable certifications and training methods to the fields of Pilates, fitness and stretch modalities.

In the year 2000, Amanda discovered the STOTT PILATES™ method. She found it to be the most influential education of her Pilates career, both from the integrity and clarity the STOTT PILATES promoted and the opportunity towards development in entrepreneurship. Finding inspiration from the pilates method, Amanda became fully certified in the STOTT PILATES certification program. She continued her education in Toronto, Canada becoming an Instructor Trainer. In 2001, she opened BodyMind Design as a Licensed Training Center specializing in STOTT PILATES education and certification programs. Amanda’s studio continues to teach Pilates along with other complementary modalities and is currently a floating Instructor Trainer.

Always inspired with continuing her education, Amanda began studying the Anatomy Trains® and the benefits of its education within the Pilates and fitness industry. She earned her certification with Spatial Medicine/CPM™, followed by Fascial Stretch Therapy. Both programs are influenced by the Anatomy Trains myofascial continuities focusing on the body as a whole, rather than working isolated muscles as the focal point. Amanda, also became a Rossiter Stretch Coach, another dynamic stretching modality. Rossiter Stretch offers a series of effective techniques for addressing structural pain and restricted movement.

The integration of Spatial Medicine, FST, Rossiter Stretch or a combination of within the Pilates methodology, allows for advancement and positive results in a much more timely manner. Amanda appreciates the body’s wisdom and its ability to both reorganize and reprogram old patterns. Her positive encouragement and reinforcements elicit an intension for transformation to support freedom in movement. The ultimate goal is to facilitate balancing a new strength in body, mind and spirit supporting life activities with a sense of presence and poised empowerment.

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